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Source Reduction: Our Sustainability Program starts with addressing what comes in to our facilities. Through GREEN PURCHASING we can effectively reduce waste, energy, and pollution before we even begin service.

Local Growers: Corporate Chefs is 100% committed to purchasing local products as much as possible. Local products are fresher and better for you. Buying local reduces carbon footprint (less transportation). Buying local supports the local economy and supports local farm families. CCI is a supporter of keeplocalfarms.org

Waste Management: Whether it's Reduction, Recycling or Composting, Corporate Chefs can design a program to fit the goals of our clients.

Reusable Beverage Containers: Corporate Chefs offers discounts on hot beverages purchased using one of our CCI mugs or your favorite personal mug. Our reusable plastic water bottles are great for cold beverages.

Recycling: Our fryolator oils are collected, processed and used for the production of biodiesel, hydraulic oils and lubricating oils in the USA.

Food Banks: In every city, in every state, there is a need for helping the less fortunate. Corporate Chefs identifies and partners with agencies that provide these services. Emmaus House, DC Central Kitchen, United Way, Lazarus House are just a few that we work with to provide food, time and money.

Green Cleaning: We use Regency brand chemicals that are Green Seal certified.

Energy Management: We can equip our beverage coolers with Vendmisers. This proven technology effectively powers down non-perishable beverage coolers during off peak times. Independent tests have shown an approximate 50% reduction in energy consumed.

Vending: Even in our vending we have found ways to reduce energy. Vendmisers work well in the beverage machines. Replacing fluorescent bulbs with led lighting is a simple way to reduce energy and eliminate mercury from landfills.

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Fair Trade Certified Coffee Keeper Springs
Valley Proteins Regency Green Chemicals