The wide selection of a Café and the
convenience of 24/7 vending! 


With Avanti Markets, you get the best of both worlds! This self-checkout market brings fresh sandwiches, salads, soups together with a wide array of Grab-n-Go snack items and beverages. No worrying about machines taking your money, product hang-ups, or wondering what the snack contains. With Avanti, you can look at, handle, and buy the actual item armed with all the information you need to make educated decisions about what you buy.




Why Chose Elite?  

The snack machines can be programmed for the “Winner Mode”. The Machines will randomly select winners. They will receive their selection plus their money back. We utilize the free promotions and prizes that our main vendors offer.Hershey, Mars, Coke, Pepsi all give TVs, VCR’s, T-Shirts, etc... They take some effort, but are well worth the enthusiasm they generate

We will service your machines more often than any competitor. Our unique pre-pick system allows the drivers to be more efficient with their time so they can overservice their machines and thus increase sales incrementally and thus their commissions. This method means cleaner, fuller machines for your employees and guests.

We do not Double-up rows with the same product. This is a sign of a vendor cutting corners to save on labor. We utilize each row to promote different products. This maximizes selection for the customer. We set the frequency of serving each bank with that of its business. This way we can strive to keep all rows full.

We currently offer a full line of brand name health conscious snacks. All these items are priced in RED. We place an APPLE decal on the glass to alert the customer what the red prices mean.

Our management staff does periodic field inspections. This insures all the programs we promise are carried out and carried out properly. They will test each machine, check pricing structures, check sanitation inside and out, check frequency of route visits, check meter readings for monetary accuracy.

David DesRosiers
Vice President