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About Us

Something About Us

Our Story

We are an on-site restaurant company offering foodservice management solutions to single-tenant and multi-tenant business corporations. Based in Woburn, Massachusetts we work with clients in 17 states and the District of Columbia to provide café, catering, vending, micro-markets and office coffee services to our clients.

Our food is cooked from scratch including sauces and soups. We also source locally to support our local communities and the health and wellness of our customers. Corporate Chefs is committed to minimizing our ecological footprint by implementing recycling and sustainability programs for our clients.

We can help you reach your foodservice goals with over 30 years of experience in the industry. We work to create a fiscally responsible partnership with our clients while remaining focused on creating a dynamic dining program.

We are proud to say that for almost three decades, Corporate Chefs has been providing restaurant quality food with unparalleled service to a wide range of companies. Our founders built a successful business with the philosophy of using locally sourced food to create from scratch menus every day.

“For over 20 years, I’ve relied on Corporate Chefs. They understand our business as well as theirs. Always accessible, always professional…” Steve Smith, Normandy Realty Partners

Our Food

We give our chefs the freedom to create the menus that are right for their guests, but we have a long list of standards that our ingredients and menus must meet.

  • No convenience or pre-packaged foods
  • No Trans-fat, NOMSG
  • Our coffee is fair-trade
  • Our Milk, Chicken and Beef are RGBH free

Our Menu

From our grill cooks to our Managing Director, every person at our company has a passion for great food. Menus are written based on seasonality and availability of regional fresh produce. We don’t believe in convenience foods, we never have. Our stocks, soups and sauces are made from scratch and all menu items are prepared fresh in your kitchen

Our Excitement

Our commitment to providing the most innovative and exciting foodservice program sets us apart. From our Exhibition Cooking to our monthly promotions, we know what drives business and keeps or customers coming back.


We offer mobile ordering, interactive menus, custom websites and digital menu boards to provide our customers with integrated technology for the most efficient service. This allows our tech-savvy guests to order and pay more quickly for their meal. Additionally, we provide real-time financial reporting and information on product movement by purchase.

Let us show you how we can help!

Contact us to get more information about our services, employment, or to tell us how we are doing. We look forward to speaking with you.